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Signal’s Board of Directors Conflict of Interest Policy

This is the conflict of interest policy that governs actual or apparent conflicts of interest that may arise during the activities of Signal’s board. It is intended to ensure that conflicts are avoided and, in the event that one may arise, the policy governs the resolution. Every board must manage and navigate conflicts, and this is how Signal is governed. Each Board member, annually, must complete the attestation form.

Signal COI Policy (Board)

Signal’s Organization Conflict of Interest Policy

The policy goes beyond the standard board of directors conflict of interest policy.  The intent of this policy is to ensure that the board of directors, founders of Signal (“Members”), or other interested parties do not have influence over who receives funding allocations or is awarded contracts.  It acknowledges that Signal must manage and avoid these conflicts as its responsibility is to the State government.  Signal must work in the interests of that relationship, contractual scope, and regulatory authority.

Signal COI Policy (Organization)