Signal was among 3 organizations to receive an award for efforts made on the State Targeted Response to the Opioid Crisis Grant (STR Grant). The Office of Behavioral Health hosted a meeting on April 27th to celebrate STR Grant accomplishments from year-one and to plan for year-two funding.

There were a total of 10 awards given at the event; seven to individuals and three to organizations working on the grant. Among the individual awards was Raymond Martinez, the STR Peer Recovery Navigator in SSPA/Region 1. While all of the Peer Recovery Navigators in the Signal regions have been amazing, special credit goes to North Range Behavioral Health and Raymond Martinez for their outstanding work in this area. Raymond has done tremendous work in reaching out to referral sources and clients, making weekly appearances at homeless shelters and the detox, which ultimately led to 10 referrals and 5 treatment admissions, all within just the first month of his employment! Congratulations Raymond, this award is well-deserved!

More on the additional awardees can be found HERE.